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Jim Callahan is seeking individuals who desire employment after death.

I am looking for individuals who would like to participate in my shows and experiments after their deaths.  You will be compensated for your participation and time.  Find out more here.

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These are the questions asked by one of NBC's writers and my responses after the show.
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*Find an entertainer near you. I cannot be everywhere and these performers were trained and licensed to perform my numerology act/presentation. Here

*Find an entertainer near you. I cannot be everywhere and these performers were trained and licensed to perform my numerology act/presentation. Here

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A new book and DVD by Jim Callahan, truly disturbing because it is real.  Based upon factual accounts and stories from the Charleston area.  

New documentation and proof that we have a window to the other side in many rooms of our homes.  

Reality is scarier than fiction.  
Who and what is watching you?  
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It is my sincere intent to make $1,000,000.00 off of James Randi and his foundation.  
Jim Callahan, Paranormalist 2/16/2006

Randi Responds-  and so do I Look below!
Mr. Randi's organization, the JREF, tests claims made by psychics and offers $1,000,000.00 to any one who can demonstrate paranormal abilities under test conditions.
Is it true that Mr. Randi is desperately attempting  to reframe my challenges and positions?
It seems that he has deceived his followers into believing he has offered a reasonable response to my work.

It certainly appears to be the situation judging from his comments concerning my challenges and guarantees.
I am not the only one stating he is offering up rather dubious comments to pacify his followers.

Randi's followers have been clamoring for some sort of action and attempting to defend their leader for months. I will let you be the judge. I have provided a link below to Mr. Randi's site.

I do know that with this rather puerile response he has stoked the fires of interest and is in no way quieting the controversy. 
I sincerely thank him for his actions.

If his recent attempt to side step my criticism and challenges rings true to his followers, I fear they are most certainly a weak minded lot incapable of true critical thought.

Read Randi's attempt to explain his running from my challenges here:

The Worlds Most Controversial Mystery Entertainer

Mark Lewis, 'Irelands Top Psychic', offers this after reviewing Randi's response:

I am puzzled why he is merely writing about you instead of applying to accept your challenge.

As he frequently says to people "doesn't he want to win some money?"

As for your "carnival approach" there is nothing more carnival like than James Randi himself. His silly challenge has an air of carnival crookery about it. As I keep saying if you were to produce a ton of ectoplasm out of his right ear he would still find a way of not paying out.

There has to be a neutral judge of his challenge. Not James himself. He should hand over a certified cheque to a neutral party and if that party agrees that the challenger wins then the money is handed over. Then I will believe the challenge is genuine. Until that unlikely day I am afraid his challenge lacks credibility and any psychic daft enough to rise to his challenge is merely providing ammunition to an old fraud.

I imagine Randi's response to me will make Sylvia Brown smile. I believe if you ask her she will predict I will be getting a million out of this.
I am a  Paranormalist challenging the world's foremost and most vocal skeptic. For years it has worked the other way around quite successfully for Randi and his group.
Randi has worked hard to get his bearded mug on the television and in print for all of these years. Yet he complains about my abilties as a showman! As if a predisposition to present one's talents in a theatrical manner is an abhorrent behavior.
I admit that I may be a braying kettle but I do believe the little pot marked Randi is calling me black.
Since I posted the challenge many of his followers have found it impossible to grasp the simple concept behind it.
It it appears The Amazing Randi suffers from the same cognitive literary deficit concerning my work or so it would appear.

I will explain again

The challenge is offered by Jim Callahan not James Randi.

It concerns Mr. Randi and the JREF but it is not their challenge.

Steve Knight webmaster of a extremely informative site www.zem.demon.co.uk on Uri Geller offers this:

"Apart from the show business dressing I can't see any reason for Randi to reject Callahan's protocol - provided Callahan agrees to the other stipulations of Randi's offer it should be possible to make this happen".

One other reader who asked to remain unidentified at this time wrote the following:

"They have rather elastic rules for the winning of their  prize" 
One last thing before leaving the subject. I have two challenge presentations- one metal bending, the other the Deja-vue Experiment on the site. 
Both are backed up with documentation and can be verified.
I would also point out that my views on numerology still stand. Randi and his followers have yet to prove the statements wrong.
Yes I admit Randi made a few nondescript comments to make his people believe he's got my number.
But most have seen it for what it is- bluster. My statements on numerology stand as unchallenged fact.



I am asking those who read this site to remember I am an entertainer, artist & researcher.

Please do not get carried away when viewing and interacting with my work.
It is to be an entertaining, surreal diversion.

I am not a psychic nor a medium. I am a Paranormalist. 
You are in control of what you believe and do with your life. 
Just as I am.
Have fun and enjoy yourselves........



BLIND QUEST- Is being revived. Some of you may remember it from four years ago. A very uncomfortable and dangerous piece of work. more here.


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