My test protocols and reasons outlined below:


  • Test to take place in a public entertainment venue & may be televised live. 
  • Five examiners to control the area of testing.
  • If Mr. Randi participates he may not speak with me directly for 12 hours prior to the test or while participating in it. 
  • I will submit to interviews with Mr. Randi or his representatives at any mutually convenient time prior to the test if it is deemed necessary.
  • All verbal communications will be recorded.
  • Mr. Randi may speak directly to me as soon as test is complete.
  • Mr. Randi or his representative must bring a cashiers check for $10,000.00 or cash and will immediately hand over said sum in the event I am successful.
  • I will have the $5,000.00 in cash and it will be immediately surrendered if I am not successful.
  • Judgment to be rendered within 10 minutes of test completion.

I have been informed that Mr. Randi has placed an object in a box or locker (someone sent me a link to the JREF bulletin board where mention was made of it).  The object inside is the  target for either a psychic or remote viewer to divine and their ability to do so would prove paranormal ability.

I do well with puzzles of this type. That is what this is to me- just a puzzle. Controlling the nature of reality to one's own benefit or desire can be viewed as just that. It also may be viewed as paranormal ability I suppose. But my offer and intent is not to argue dictionary definitions.

If Mr. Randi and the JREF deem said test to prove paranormal or supernatural ability I see no reason to argue with them. After all a million dollars is not something to loose over one's ability to debate effectively and I am more than willing to let them call it what they will.

I will also admit that this test, like some of my others, is not a sure thing (I do however have a very favorable success ratio).  But I am not asking for any leeway (or in this case concerned with a correct hits ratio) to prove my ability. One target from Randi, one answer from me and it's a done deal. I am either on that night or not. But I will do everything possible to ensure that I am 'in the zone' as an athlete might say. 

I may even bring along an extra ten or fifteen thousand for additional attempts that evening if they prepare additional boxes/lockers with targets.


The test must take place before a live audience in an entertainment venue. This creates a much needed energy dynamic necessary for my work. Because of the nature of the testing this request should in no way compromise the security of the test conditions. Especially since the target is secure in it's location and not at the place of testing.

Researchers/JREF representatives may be asked to participate in another test or to assist in another test that will have no bearing on or association with the test challenge. The reason for this is to build a psychological rapport with those doing the testing. Since these representatives should not know the target it will not compromise the security of the test but will help to create an atmosphere of cooperation which is important to the success of my experiments.

I have noted that an adversarial or antagonistic procedural system appears to be the biggest complaint heard among challengers for the JREF prize and from those viewing the proceedings. I believe this is nonproductive for both parties involved and I will do what I can to alleviate the problem. 

The representative who will take part in challenge test may not speak directly to me for five minutes before the experiment takes place and must know James Randi and had personal contact during some point in life (even if it was just a handshake).

Once the experiment/test is to begin the representative will stand in the middle of a circle of salt, approximately five feet in diameter, placed on the stage. The salt will be even and uniform. It will be applied using forms and will have a copper wire running under it. 

After the JREF representative takes his or her place in the middle of the circle I will ask them one question. The question will be are you ready? They will respond. And then they will say, "Jim please tell me what the target is, if you are able." 

If I am correct and accurately describe and or name the target in the locker or box I keep my money, if not I will hand it over immediately.

The target must be shown immediately after I offer my statement to demonstrate the success or failure of the test. This is to be done via web cam from the hidden location. It will be JREF who decides were this location. They need not tell anyone the location for it is not to be known to me. They will be responsible for establishing the web cam link.  I would prefer Mr. Randi be the person to open the container to bring the experiment to it's conclusion but of course that is not a necessity.

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