Video Proof Page Eran Raven time 15:18

Rendered for web at 15 frames a second 'Flash Format' final render will be 30 frames a second AVI for DVD




Found the clip with the 'money shot' of the nail clip and added it in.
I could probably lengthen it digitally but that would take more time than I think it would be worth.

Rewrote the history of the snake act as requested. 
However I could do nothing about the one section were you have your hand wrapped and you drop the ice pack without doing some digital camera work and or digitally removing the ice pack.
I don't think it is to much of a problem but in the end it is your call.
(It would probably take me a couple of hours to rework digitally)

However I am very pleased with the rest of the history re-write.  For example it just looks like you lead her over and go into the act.  (You never even see the one opened cask) Beautiful work if I say so myself.

You will notice I changed how the quotes were used.
(As a type of stark important transitional element)
They now stand on their own and demand attention and have more weight.
Instead of clumping them together one after another they are now points of light that explode into the next bit of action.
(Especially with the sound elements added in)