Paranormalist Jim Callahan has published his numerology system for the general public.

It's like a magic 8 Ball but more fun!

Your friends and acquaintances will love it.


    Jim has been hired by some of the worlds largest corporations and private event planners because of  his very extraordinary entertainment skills. 

"I have bought seven copies- one for each person on my staff." 
.....Ellen P. Cincinnati OH

    Of course most people would not be able to have Jim come to their party or show up to do a private event for them and their friends, but you can have the next best thing. With this book you can now within just a few minutes do numerology/birth date profiles. Really it's that easy!

This is really a fun thing for a party! A great conversation starter. Thank you Jim!

    You and your  friends  will be amazed by the accuracy of the profile. This is great at parties or when spending time with friends. It is truly an interesting and unusual gift. 

"I just can't get over how well this little book works. You just use a person's birthday and turn to the different pages. The next thing you know you have accurately described the person just from a birth date".....................Peggy Galloway 


Introduction from the Book


Chinese Numerology
The Simple Lo Shu Square


    From the beginning of my exposure to the Lo Shu Square, I have been interested in why and how something so quick and easy could be as accurate as it is. 

    Many years ago, I was taught the Lo Shu Square approach to Numerology by Richard Webster of New Zealand .  Mr. Webster is internationally known as an author and psychic entertainer—a list of his books can be found on the internet on Richard’s  website:

    Chinese numerology can be dated back to at least 4,000 years ago. It is an interesting and informative way to examine one’s self based upon the most important number of a person’s life- the very date life began. It is the numeric record of birth, the starting point of the journey through this existence.

     Who has not had, at one time or another, a strong feeling concerning a number or a time? The most common example is probably our fascination with unlucky numbers, the most common unlucky number of course is 13.  The opposite of the unlucky number is most likely the lucky number 7.

    It can easily be said that numbers and systems have an influence on our thoughts and actions. And are we not all shaped in ways large and small by them?

    Of course we are.

   "I have a few friends that have discovered the value of doing a reading on the back of a business card or napkin—it is an intriguing way to meet people in social situations! I also know that many people are using the book as a novel form of entertainment with friends".  Jim Callahan

Within  minutes you can be entertaining people and yourself with the help of this simple book. It is like a game. If you can draw a tic tac toe board and write down a persons birth date you can have fun with this.

It also makes a very interesting gift. You will find that if given as a gift that it will be talked about and used. Because it is different fun and easy. We all know that it is the unusual and different that is often remembered most.

My whole career is based upon those ideas and that is why I am hired to do what I do. 

Now you can see why I enjoy my work so much. 

Jim Callahan Paranormalist JimClass.Com


Every year my wife manages to find some sort of unique different gift for everyone. It's my turn this year thanks for making my hunt easy....................Jason H. Pittsburgh PA



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