The   Voice   of   GOD   Experiment




This is an international interactive group sourced experiment/demonstration. You will be asked to make a short voice recording on your phone or computer and send it to us.

I have talked to a handful of people about this over the past few months and as usual it took more time than originally anticipated.

This work has been in the planning stages for the past two years and resulted in me learning how to create 3D surround sound files. More on that Monday.

That line came to me years ago when sitting through a rather uninspired church service that I had escorted my grandmothers to. I was passing time looking through a bible for loop holes and inspiration.

Anyway that idea combined with my personal investigations into after this life communications led to this experiment/investigation.

I awoke months ago in the middle of the night and made pages of notes involving submitted voice recordings from around the world and outlining this collective experiment.

The main idea being that the voice recordings would be layered into a collective sound image that would be uploaded to YOUTUBE and Vimeo.

The compiled collective voice file will be used for a series of experiments and demonstrations that will be outlined after the V.O.G. file is uploaded.

Using the voice recorder on your phone or computer.
Record a sound file 30 seconds to 120 seconds long and send it to SeeTheDead.Com@Gmail.Com it is that easy and quick.

We will compile/layer and average the sound files into one two sound images. One mono and one stereo.