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In this episode we cover a presentation by Eddie Joseph Titled SUSPENSAMUS, from JINX 129

Christian Painter, of Christian and Katalina, (who just released an exeptional new book) took the time
to exchange and share ideas with us from Indianapolis.
Were he and Katalina are producing a new show).

On the Forum can be found  the video demo of the Women & Gin False Shuffle 
as well as the

Moving Brick video commented on during the show.
(Both explained or disscussed in this broadcast).

 If you have anything you wish to contribute to the broadcast or would like to be on the show just let us know via email or on the forum. 

In the event  you missed the first broadcast a link to it can be found on the forum is the show links section.


can be found here


"Thank you all for your interest and help in making this a success".
J ack Galloway


(One of the other projects)



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