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Phenomenon Exit Q & A
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1) Let's get the big one out of the way. The world wants to know about your altercation with Criss. Did you think this might happen? How do you feel about your response to the situation after the fact?

I knew Angel could not expose me as he had been claiming he would do in the media.
Because if there is no trick there no exposure possible. 
Criss Angel walked into a trap that I think the producers were eager for him to walk into.
My opinion of course.
Did I think there would be a confrontation?
I would be a fool not to think Criss and his team were planning to do something to make him look as though he was keeping his promise to expose or bust me.
When he realized that was not a possible option (or did he chose not to hear what I said after the performance) he followed through with a preconceived personal attack.
I do know his brother watched the dress rehearsal a couple of hours before the show went live on air and we all knew why he was there.
Let me add that Jerry McCambridge asked me right before that dress rehearsal if I could really do what I claimed to be able to do.
He knew I was in wardrobe and that there was no way I could know what the crew had placed in the box for the run-through.
The entire cast knows I have never so much as touched the box ever.
It was constructed by the production company's art department.  My original idea was to use a fireproof document box.
Gerry and the others also knew that NBC Standards & Practices were there as well as the show's consultant, Banacheck, to make sure things were as they should be.
That run-through was the first time anyone ever saw me do the experiment. 
The second time was a couple hours later during the live show.
As expected no exposure was possible. 
However because of the seizure part of experiment I was in a great deal of pain and after I left the stage it was suggested I go for medical treatment.
I did not however.
One of the other performers said that most people would be on the floor after such a physical trauma let alone be able to engage in such a physical conflict.
Note: Phenomenon Production has footage of the injuries my body sustained as a result of the performance and they may post it on the site. 
I have my own video that will be posted on my site http://www.Jimclass.Com along with a $50,000.00 Challenge Guarantee of the demonstration that occurred on the show.
I was forbidden from guaranteeing the experiment during the show by NBC.
I expected Criss to comment on the act and deride me for whatever false accusation he might come up with. 
When he challenged me he more or less jumped the format of the show so did I.
He was requesting and making accusations for something I never claimed to be able to do.
It appeared as though he tried once again to call attention to himself as he did after most performances in those first two episodes.
I told him what I thought of him and his behavior.
At no time do I think either of us intended to hit or strike the other. 
As I told Access Hollywood I just wanted to talk to him up-close.
I hold by all statements I made about Criss.  I may have responded differently had I not been so tired and in extreme pain.
However when the adrenalin kicked in and he left the format of the show things just happened.
I was disappointed that he had to lie in interviews about me and what I do in order to save face. 
Accusations that included his deceased father,  taking advantage of people for profit as well as charges of treason are simply not true. 
I can assure you if you've seen my performance or checked out my website you'll see his lashing out was his attempt to cover his earlier lack of control.  
But it has been gratifying to see how many people realized the things he said were just lies and a poor attempt to cover his behavior.
And inability to make good on his claim.
In the end I think the search engines say it all- type Ideological Bigot into a search engine and Criss Angel comes up.
Type in Paranormalist and I do.
I know that many people are surprised Criss has not responded to my accusation of him being a bigot.
If you were charged as such would you not respond?

2) You adamantly believe in some kind of spirit world. What makes you so sure "there is more" out there, and what do you think the "other side" or alternative plane of existence really is?
I think Uri gave a good explanation of this in his interview on the NBC Phenomenon site. 
My opinion is that we pass to another plane or more precisely we are born into it.
My own thought is that it is not so much different than what we have here and that it is just that a another plane of reality.
This topic is something that will be covered in depth in a book that I am writing and a TV show that we are working on having produced.

3) Regardless of what happened, are you a fan of Criss Angel?
I have no respect for Criss. 
In fact the other performers on the show across the board were very supportive of my standing up to his self aggrandizing behavior.
He is not well respected in the field of mystery entertainers and has done a great deal of damage to his image by his behavior in the show.
I have received hundreds of emails from former fans of his saying they have no interest in seeing his live show in Vegas or to watch his shows.
People who saw the guy for what he really is.
I guess in a way I should thank him for turning part of his fan base over to me.
Maybe I'll send him a fruit basket.

4) What did you learn from your experience on the show?
That I have a tremendous amount of support and respect within the industry.
And that this definitely was not a competition. 

5) Who do you think will be the ultimate Phenomenon?
In truth I do think I will be. 
My performance and the conflict have significantly overshadowed everything else that transpired on the show.
In addition, once I was gone from the show during the show ratings dropped by one half.
I guess everyone was not tuning in to see Criss Angel.
In terms of the television show however I would have to admit to not having a clue who will be the ultimate Phenomenon.
My opinion is that Criss Angels behavior has completely destroyed the dynamic of the show and what it might have been.
In fact this concern was voiced by many performers.
I truly like all of the entertainers left in the show and support them all just as they have done for me.
They all have performed admirably under the rather vexing/difficult situation of having their acts changed and re-written.

6) What's next for you?
Looking at doing a TV series and having a touring show 'The Midnight Carnival of Wonders' plus a book 'In the Mirror' is in the works.

Also will be looking for Criss to step up and answer my charges of bigotry.

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