No doctor or drug company will guarantee their product will do what I have done.

I have prostate cancer and dropped my PSA by half before any medicial intervention by using the
items listed below and dropped 30 lbs in two months.
In addiiton, after dropping my PSA the doctor was unable to locate the second tumour prior to treatment.

Video from the last time I had lung cancer.

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My Cancer Supplement List
Videos coming soon

Melatonin 60 mg - 3 X a day
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Glutathione 2 X a day
UltaBotanic Onco Adjunct PathWays
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Fenbendazole liquid or granuals 222 mg - 2 x a day (1/4 tsp)
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Zinc 15 mg - 1 X a day
Berberine 500 mg - 3 X a day
Organic Milk Thistle 750 mg - 1 X a day
B-Complex (with C) - 1 X a day
Vitamin E 286 mg - 1 X a day
Ultra Omega 3 Fish oil - 1 X a day
150 grams of Ginger and Half Lemon (Vidio soon)

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Note: you will die if you do as i have done to controll my cancer or are on
facebook instagram.

Just as you were allways going to.
I challange Meta to prove me wrong.