In The Mirror
Book & DVD

This truth is a lot stranger and disturbing than any bit of fiction.

I have been asked to investigate and document a number of hauntings in the area of Charleston ,SC.

In doing so I have  come to a shocking and disturbing conclusion.  There is a rather recent and wide spread rash of a certain type of supernatural activity.  So prevalent is this phenomena that I will be devoting my next theatrical production to just this one type of exhibition/demonstration.

Many people are telling me of  their own personal encounters and fears associated with these apparitions or haunting type manifestations.

This could be the ultimate sťance home event.

You read it correctly. You will with the help of this new DVD be able to conduct a sťance either alone or with friends to investigate the phenomena I have documented.

When you order you will be sent the book documenting and explaining this new wave of supernatural activity.  You will then be sent the DVD explaining in depth how to proceed to experience such things for yourself.

Those who have knowledge of my recent theatrical production in Charleston, SC know that I enlisted a man or what of him that can still interact in this world to become part of the theatrical presentation titled Across the Bridge. 


To guarantee the seriousness with which I take this subject I have placed $25,000.00 of my own cash to guarantee that the pendulems and slates used are not tricked.

So many have expressed a desire for more information as well as instruction as to how to do what I did and continue to do. 

I am now making this information available in this book.

This product will be available in October if you wish to pre-order an autographed copy for seven dollars of the regular price 

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