Press Release

Job Openings For The Dead


Dead Employees Wages Not Taxable No Matter Who is Elected

Beaufort, S.C., October 28, 2008 -- Paranormalist and founder of the International Séance Project Jim Callahan is looking for people who wish to work with him after their deaths and claims dead workers are non-taxable no matter who may be elected.

Callahan's After Death Employment Application can be found on his website


The dead will work as assistants in theatrical productions/experiments and can earn up to $1,000,000.00.

Callahan has created a savings account for Raymond Hill who died in 1980 and has been a part of current presentations. Raymond Hill was featured in Callahan’s demonstration on the NBC show PHENOMENON. For every show Raymond participates in money is placed into an account for him to collect at a later date (information available on the website).

Houdini was attempting the same after death experiment with his wife that Jim is now engaged in but he has opened it to the entire living population.

“Harry hasn’t been able to make contact but maybe one of those who have signed with Jim will,” says Dave Koenig aka 'Slim King' and also one of the hosts of the International Séance Project Broadcast.

“At a recent performance an audience member suggested that my job offer is like Final Term Life Insurance,” says Callahan smiling.

“That is really a pretty good analogy for what he is doing,” confirms Timmy Obrien of and Callahan's technical consultant.

Callahan, often described as the World's Most Controversial Mystery Artist, has $50,000.00 guaranteeing the fact that he made a connection between himself and a man who died in 1980 named Raymond Hill last Halloween (2008) on the live NBC show PHENOMENON.

Callahan also claims and guarantees with $50,000.00 to have accepted magician Chris Angel’s $1,000,000.00 challenge to him. Angel who is starring in the new Cirque du Soleil Vegas Show BELIEVE has yet to respond to Callahan's acceptance of the offer he made to Callahan live on the NBC show last Halloween night.

“Currently 143 people are registered. All have left a code word or phrase in an envelope with instructions to contact me upon their deaths. If I get the code word right it will be proof of contact. Compensation to the deceased applicant will then begin,” says Callahan.

Unlike some people who might swindle the public Jim has chosen to create a new type of performance art with the information and skills he has developed over the years. Who else would consider hiring a dead person but him?

“PT Barnum and Jim would have made a great team,” says Jack Galloway, one of Callahan’s long time friends.

Further information and videos about this and Jim Callahan’s other work can be found at http://www.JimClass.Com.

“You might want to consider my job offer before it’s too late,” says Jim.


Contact: Jim Callahan

Company: The International Séance Project

E-Mail: Seance@JimClass.Com



Paranormalist Challenges Skeptics

March 5, 2005 -- Paranormalist Jim Callahan, owner of Applied Thought Technologies, LLC, has issued a public five thousand dollar remote viewing challenge to paranormal investigators known to many as The Amazing Randi, world famous debunker of the supernatural, and The James Randi Educational Foundation.

The challenge is causing a stir in the world of magicians and mentalists. Many realize that this event will draw the public's interest and provide a leap forward for their art forms if Callahan is successful. On the other hand, others are supporting Randi as if he is a divine messenger of the truth, when it comes to investigation of the paranormal. The reality is that the JREF is set up to protect its marketing ploy, a million dollar prize. Some have attempted to prove themselves to the foundation but it's a dead end set up. "I don't think a rational person could read Randi's rules and not realize that the prize is unattainable. Of course that's my opinion" says Jim smiling, evidently enthusiastic about his latest promotion.

Briefly, Callahan's $5000.00 challenge, just as in Randi's challenge, involves remote viewing. But the comparison ends there. Randi has, according to accounts, placed an object in a locker somewhere in the world. Callahan's challenge is that he will attempt to name the object and will pay five thousand dollars if he does not correctly identify the target. But if he is successful in his supernatural attempt, Randi and members in his foundation must hand over their $1,000,000.00 prize. The ability to do what Mr. Callahan sets up in his challenge is an astounding feat that cannot be dismissed as merely trickery. It is a simple, direct test and it is impossible to cheat.

But some suspect Callahan can do just that. It has been brought up that he is a Master Magician and as well as a Paranormalist and he devised some way to swindle the foundation out of its money. Callahan replies, "I think the truth is they know I could take their money and they are looking for excuses to prevent that." Addressing the issue of being a magician and also a Paranormalist he comments, "I am also a professional musician. I wonder if that worries them as well. They are two distinctly different entities. Can't someone can be a writer and at the same time an illustrator Different tasks, distinctly different contributions to literature."

"As far as The 'Amazing' Randi and his boys, they have been shooting their mouths off for years. They are playing a game and I am calling them on it. If Randi and his people don't take my challenge, they loose credibility. It is my belief that these people are supposed to be the seekers of truth concerning the supernatural, but merely feed off of their own existence. For example, they have been claiming an implied victory over Uri Geller for years simply because Geller will not accept Randi's challenge. I am providing a chance in my challenge to offer them the opportunity to honestly prove they can explore the possibilities," says Callahan.

"People have already said they are surprised that I offer this challenge. But what happens when we don't challenge what others create- we don't advance as a people. We by nature explore and do not accept given confinement created by others. Unfortunately, I have been told repeatedly since posting the challenge, that even if Randi and his people do accept it, they will not pay if I am successful. I think it will be interesting to find out, don't you" says Callahan, smiling. "If they think I'm a fake, they have the opportunity to take my money, so why not If I'm not, I will provide them with what they have supposedly searched for over the years. I am unique in my profession. Although I do not profess an outright similarity, I have learned from others including Uri Geller, Sylvia Brown, and John Edwards and unlike them I do not encourage people to believe. I tell them the truth about what I do as an entertainer, but beliefs are personal and private. Whether an individual believes or not does not affect me and either way, in the very least, they are entertained by what I do."

"I sincerely hope that Randi and his foundation are open-minded enough to accept my $5,000.00 Challenge and if not, why not"