This clip is from a live television interview held in the ABC studio for  Lowcountry Live Charleston, SC.


I arrived at 9:30 in the morning and had not met nor spoken with either of the hosts prior to my arriving at the studio.  In fact I had no idea who would be interviewing me until several minutes before the broadcast began.

Also I was told I would just have three minutes for the interview to talk about my new show then playing at the East Bay Theater in Charleston SC (Information Here) .  I planned on only doing one quick demonstration.  Instead the segment was extended to about eight. 

What  occurred during the interview happened just as you see it and was not a set up.  Neither host told me what they were thinking until the point in the clip were you see me seek confirmation that what I heard in my head was correct.

I guarantee that these demonstrations were done live and broadcast as they were happening and to put it simply, the hosts were not in on it.  

Many people have asked me about this performance/demonstration since its original airing and from what I understand the station received questions about the legitimacy of the experiment.  That is the reason for me issuing this guarantee.  

As you will note from the clip this was the second demonstration used in what had been my current show at the East Bay Theater in Charleston and was the reason for me being on the segment.  I will be posting a clip from that show in the future of the same demonstration done in the theater setting.

Additional note: since it was a morning show I dressed informally but never perform for events dressed in such a manner.

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