International Séance Project
Experiment target selection page for internet users

Think of some one who has passed over as you follow the directions below.
The remembrance of this person will influence your choice of days and create 
a connection to their reality that will enable your International Séance' Project Associate to tune into during the experiment on October 30th 

Send the days you have selected but not the dates to the associate closest to you.

(Do not send which day in each week only send how many of each day)
For Example: 2 Fridays/1Wendsday/1Sunday/1Monday

After you send in the days you picked total the value of the dates and write it down on a piece of paper.  Place it under your computer keyboard or in a safe place until October 30th.  That total will be your personal target for the experiment.   Your Séance Project Associate will use the days you have chosen to get a feel for the person you were thinking of  who has passed over and may include a brief description of them 
after the Séance Experiment is complete.  
Their main focus however will be on receiving the target number when contact is made on the 30th.  
Some associates may have hundreds of targets to receive and may not be able to include 
a profile of each person who has passed over.  
That is the reason why we came up with a way to arrive at personal target numbers.

- N  O  V  E  M  B  E  R -

Pick one day in each week write down the day and it's date. 

You may choose any combination of days but only one day in each week.

You will end up with five days with their dates. 













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