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Numerology and card reading can be of  value as tools for self assessment and personal growth. 
I have not yet  found a skeptic or a rationalist who can prove the above statement incorrect. 

I also believe that numerology and card reading improves one's cognitive processes. Put simply, it can help you think better.

If you are an unbeliever skeptic please re-read what I have written so that we might be on the same page. I would not want my fellow skeptics to work themselves  into a disgruntled state and start dashing off letters and e-mails without considering my position or more likely not understanding it.

I will  not enter into a debate about con persons, swindlers, or cheats. I have mentioned elsewhere on this site that the bad behaviors exhibited by some in the world of readers is not an uncommon occurrence in other fields as well. It is hardly apt to hold the group at large responsible for the actions of a few. I know it is an awfully American point of view but would you want to be judged by the actions and sexual misconduct of your political leaders?

Personally I know of a doctor who runs a beautiful con operation in the Charleston, South Carolina area. A very close friend of mine started treatment with the *doctor in question. After accompanying them to a couple of visits I realized this guy was running a guru doctor scam or you might say physician as messiah. He will keep you safe and informed of all the things in the modern environment that will do you harm and give you treatments for life to rid you of these environmental toxins.

I only bring this up as an example of how any good bit of information or science can be corrupted and made into something to run a swindle. 

I have however been barred from contact with the *doctor and am not to accompany anyone to his shrine of detoxification. My friend's lawyer was contacted about my unwillingness to over look the good doctor's incompetent behaviors and so I have received legal notification to stay away. I guess the true believers never ask for documentation or for medical records and letters to reflect their ailment and not that of someone else.


Readings are tools and should be used as such. I do numerology readings. I know they can be of the value as I stated at the beginning of this article. I have not yet had a misguided skeptic prove me wrong on this. And I have had quite a few change their views upon considering this topic seriously and not merely parroting the dogma of their skeptic leaders.

Most people posses the ability to interpret the reading themselves. I have found that if a person wants his or her numerological reading done, he or she posses the ability to use it (though some might seek out the services of an advisor to further apply the information from the reading).

I do believe the most value comes from considering what the numerological reading says about you and how that information can be applied to your situation or current concerns.

I originally used a type of numerology known a Chinese numerology. I was taught  the system by Richard Webster of  New Zealand. Mr. Webster is a highly respected in his field and many of you know doubt have heard of him.

I have reworked the system into what I call Birth Date Profiling. You might say I westernized it and made it more relevant for our modern culture.

I have discovered, as have the people to whom I have provided this service, that these readings are entertaining, interesting, and informative. 

The reading process uses a grid and the person's date of birth to generate the information.

The reading also uses the absence of certain numbers to identify weaknesses or areas that may need more attention. Because of the nature of a numerological work, it is possible to have someone's chart done and give it to them as a unique and personal gift. One does not need direct contact with the numerologist.

Research Study- We will be keeping a log of how successful and accurate this type of reading is. And those who receive a reading are urged to submit their own feelings on the information provided to them. You will be provided a link to send your information if you decide to get a numerology reading.

You will receive a personalized numerological chart.  You will also receive my new book explaining the history of the reading technique and how to use it effectively  for self improvement and personal assessment. 

Readings are temporarily unavailable. You may however purchase the book here

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