Challenges: Often Asked Questions


Q: I saw a magician who says he can do your tricks. 
Not a question but a remark that begs a reply.

A: If he could do what I do he would not be a magician.  Often I have found (and I am sure you have noticed the same) that magicians like to copy or fake the performances of psychics as a way of proving the validity of their own ability.  Kind of like a child begging for attention.

Q: Are you implying what you do is real? Or that you are a psychic?

A: Of course it is.  I provide an experience for people, a very real experience.  I would also offer that  I create a favorable environment in which such an experience can take place. 

I am not a psychic I have made this point several times.  I am a Paranormalist. 

Q: Will you submit to testing.

A: That is the reason for the challenges and guarantees.  I do not run about looking for validation from others.  Why would I? 
I know what I can do and enjoy it.  I am paid well.  Also I have done years of research to be able to do what I do and much of it can be very valuable. So why would I offer the end result of my work to other researchers to profit from?




Q: How can you do these things?

A: I do so by controlling all of the variables in my environment to the best of my ability. 
The experiments are successful when this is possible. I also use the general nature of a situation to create the psychological effects of interacting in a paranormal event.

Q: Were did you learn this?

A: I taught myself. I realized that there was more to psychics and their performances than was being portrayed by people such as James Randi and others of his type.

Q: Like what?

A: For one, there were the things the skeptics could not explain. And then there is the  idea of perceptual reality. 

I went looking for my own answers and I found them. Realizing that the secrets are there to use if you want. And that is what I am doing.

Q: Do you teach others what you have learned? 

A: In a way yes during my lectures and our new presentation the Paranormalist. I cover how to use these things to your benefit plus how I have benefited as well.