I sometimes remember what is yet to be.

I am now working to enable others to   remember the future.

Jim Callahan

I guarantee I recorded what these people watched days before meeting any of them.
Pictures are screen shots from the DVD. Download soundtrack files below.

This experimental presentation  is guaranteed to the sum of $25,000.00.

Because of the mercurial nature of the experiment and variables, it is only attempted  when conditions are judged to be favorable. 

This as well as the my other presentations and theatrical experiments are the result of over twenty two years of work. 

Here is what happened and can be verified via eyewitness accounts. You can see for yourself if you so desire.

I was engaged to display my skills for xxxxxx at the Westin Hotel located on Hilton Head Island in July of 2004.  I felt that conditions would be favorable to perform the demonstration and so it was offered to the client (there was a sense that I seen the stage before and a group the size that was expected to attend that evening).

As part of my stage requirements a projection screen was placed next to the stage. 

Eleven spectators participated in the experiment. 

Five chose numbers- restricted to numbers between one and twenty five. They were not allowed to duplicate numbers. After they selected their individual numbers they were to add them together and write the total on a clipboard. 

Five other spectators selected letters. There were twenty five letters from which they could choose. The letter Z was omitted. Each person secretly chose a letter card by free choice. They then compared letters and attempted to create the largest word possible from their letters.



One person was asked to think of a city or town anywhere in the world. She was given a free choice to think of any location. She wrote her chosen city on her clipboard.

The screen shot is of the DVD prediction the audience saw that evening. It was shot on the back steps of my home four days before meeting any of the people at the performance. I guarantee it! 

The screen shot below is of the spectators standing on stage watching the DVD prediction play out. In it I gave the date and location and explained the process they had just gone though. Then I revealed the target information they had just written down.

As the predictions were stated the members of the audience turned their clipboards around revealing that all of the predictions were direct hits.

And remember I guarantee to the sum of $25,000.00 that the prediction was shot four days before the event. I have other predictions recorded in other locations waiting for the next time things feel right.

All of this information can be checked out and verified. Here is some additional information for those of you that are curious: 

  • The audio visual team from the Hyatt provided the projector and screen and hooked up my laptop with DVD drive to play the disc.
  • They had both the disc and laptop and were trying to get the projector and laptop to link properly up until the event was to start.
  • All spectators were given free choice. I will point out that those choosing letters and numbers were constrained in options as previously reported. The choice of city or town was not constrained in any way.
  • I also gave the Hyatt AV guys the choice of using their own DVD player.

See the experiment here

The Déjà vu Experiment is not intended to support any religious, scientific or social view. It is presented as an entertainment experience and product and is the exclusive product and property of Applied Thought Technologies &
Jim Callahan. ©2005
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