Across the country  there exists flash points  of anomalous occurrences.  Places where the living and those no longer in possession of a corporeal body meet. 

This is a directory for those of you who search out these crossroads of reality.

Brought to you by Paranormalist & Owner of Applied Thought Technologies Jim Callahan

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The government and many of America's largest corporations and colleges have. 

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915 12th Street
Port Royal, South Carolina:
The house I lived in for eleven years and did not become aware of the house's reputation until after moving in. The original owner of the house, a woman who was somewhat of a recluse/packrat, died in the bathroom and had reached a malodorous state of decomposition before she was found.   Her little dog..........Read more here 


New site submitted by Natalie: I work in a haunted house in Fremont, CA. My dad rents the building for his dental office. The building we work in is over 100 years old and is an old creaky Victorian building. The man who used to live here built this old Victorian himself. We rent the building for our office and lab and my dad has been working in this building for over 30 years. There has been a lot of strange things that have happened here, pictures will tilt themselves, lights will turn themselves on and off, doors will open and shut, all the employees will hear foot steps, things will fall over, and everyone will now and then get cold chills. We are all used to it and it doesn't phase us all that much anymore. We are located right across the street from another haunted house "Lord Bradley's Bed and Breakfast" That house is also registered online as a haunted house. Both of the places were built on Indian burial grounds and are located by two very old cemeteries. We do have an online website for our patients (with business info. and directions) its


: I maintain as I always have that people have these experiences. And one cannot dispute that to the people who have experienced these things- it is reality. The question yet to be answered is, what is reality? Is it created by the observer or the observed?

accompanied her on her trip to the other side. I never experienced anything out of the normal. Exempt for an occasional scratching sound and the strange feeling when looking in the mirror that someone or something might be lurking in the reflected image just out of site.


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