Jinx Broadcast

(First show will be posted Tuesday)

If you would like a link to the broadcast page please send a request to

(Please include your name and world location)

Note: The broadcast page will change and the link to the location
of the new shows will be sent to you.

The address of the broadcast pages are not to be posted on any forum or shared.

After you send a request for the first show you need not make requests
for the other shows.  They will be sent when the shows are posted.

You may post this page and or a link to it were ever you may choose to.

 However if a link to any of the show/broadcast pages
are posted on any  forum or blog without permission the show
and page will be pulled.

And reissued to a different location.

Thanks you for your interest

J ack Galloway, Ted Annemann
The Dead Boys




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