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I am currently searching for persons who would like to work with me in my future productions and experiments.  

You will receive billing as being part of the show and compensation will be made to you for your assistance.

I am in need of people who are interested in employment after their deaths.  You must fill out the employment form found here.  

My current productions are made in association with a man named
Raymond Hill, who passed over to another reality in 1980.

Millions watched as I made a guaranteed connection between Raymond Hill and myself on NBC's show PHENOMENON. It was the first time such an experiment was broadcast on live national television.
(Guarantee and explanation of the experiment can be found here)

Raymond Hills, story is a well know haunting tale in the Charleston, SC  area as was his working as an important element of my show titled "Across the Bridge" first staged at the East Bay Theater in Charleston SC in 2006.

Those who commit suicide are not eligible for a position in this current show and will not be considered for inclusion in our data base nor are those who are murdered by those wishing to get someone into the show (though we have found this ad being forwarded to those who wish their coworkers the best of luck in finding a new job with us!).

Those who will be dead as a result of capital punishment or euthanasia will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you do not want your name associated with our work until after your death we will respect your wish.  Those who have no problem with letting others know of their new positions are listed below.

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Future Employees of Applied Thought Technologies, LLC

Note: Names of people no longer living in this reality and are employees of Applied Thought Technologies, LLC and are noted by an * and a hyper link. If clicked on information will then be made available as to which show they will become part of in the event communication is established with the deceased.

1) Raymond Hill * Died 1980

2) Dick Brooks & Dorothy Dietrich - Houdini Museum Tour & Magic Show

3) Timothy O'Brien - Owner of Whateverunique  LLC & He creates theatrical props & does custom design and fabrication for Films, Live Productions and Home owners. 

4) David Koenig - Professional entertainer and recognized as the world's foremost authority on performing mind reading miracles on the radio.  Dave's web site is RadioESP.Com

5) Tony Eye -  is an expert in the fields of Memory Training, Hypnosis, Psychic Entertainment, and Mind Reading his website is

6) Traci Callahan - My sister three years younger.  She is a sculptor and helps run a day care. She said the following to the question Please explain your interest in participating in this program. 
What the Hell Could Be Fun !!!! 

7) Sebastian Black -  Upon my death I will attempt to hold a Séance wherein I shall channel a living person to join me on the other side, albeit for a short while.

This reverse Séance has to my knowledge not been attempted.

At that time I will reveal to that worthy individual all of the thinking and workings behind the methods which I have developed in Mentalism and Hypnosis, that I have created throughout my life but have held as guarded secrets and thus revealed to no one. This knowledge has served me well in this lifetime and after I depart I shall reveal it to Jim Callahan wherein he shall be the only other living performer to demonstrate these feats of wonder as proof to the world that he has indeed crossed over to join me.  He shall be the keeper of the flame until his own passing.


*Raymond Hill, does conduct communication to this side.  However as Sabastian points out dragging me through to his side will be a first......Jim


8)  Captain Drew - Ahoy, Master Callahan!
I be Captain Drew, famous internet-culture space pirate, creator of the
rPhone, producer/director of PiratePalooza: The Adventure Series and
organizer of a very popular pirate-themed pubcrawl in the Atlanta area.

I *was* rather planning on spending my Eternity in either Heaven or in Davy
Jones' locker, but if neither of those options works out for me I may indeed
have need of an after-death occupation... so please do consider me for the
part. I'm good at raiding, pillaging, running and hiding. Please note: I
shall require a comely wench to be my personal assistant in the event that I
work with you after my demise. You may pay her 7 groats of my weekly fee, 10
if she's really hot.

Avast, ahoy and all that rot,
Captain Drew 


9) Chad Sanborn - Are you saying you want me dead? LOL This is a great bit! But it will never work with me, as I plan to live forever! But in case I don't, and do pass on before I plan to, you can feel free to contact me for the show.


10) * Raymond C Noble - Lakeland, Florida I believed that I would be a good choice because I have an ability to read minds ever sense I cheated death. I worked as an electrician after I retired from the Army. While working on switch gear I was electrocuted. I melted my screw driver and was thrown across the room. Funny thing is that I wasn’t killed. I woke up with one major headache. The headaches lasted for about a week and suddenly stopped. I find that sometimes I can now finish a sentence of the people I am talking to. Not only that, but at times, I will answer someone’s question before they even ask me.


11) Floyd Collins - NW Ohio,


12) Nate Van Zweden - Mentalist living in Utah


13) Mark Roberts - UK, Mind Reader


14) Nathan Pain - Fort Dodge, IA Mentalist contact-


15) Iain dunford - UK put me down for an after-life job...

they say there's three things in life that are certain, birth, taxes and death - maybe we could add one or two more to that list?

I'd like to apply - I promise to die at some point, and leave a beautiful corpse...

cheers - iain







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