the most amazing things ever seen on the radio



The events you are hearing on your radio and viewing in your mind are real. These rather strange occurrences are brought about by my ability to control all the variables in each experimental entertainment project to the best of my ability. 

We are talking about performances and experiments taking place (at a minimum) over several hundred square miles. Listeners and a performer separated by distance but still interacting in a Theater of the Mind.

Any one would readily admit that this, under most circumstances, would be a nearly impossible task. Especially when considering the separation of time and distance that are a necessary component  of these entertainment experiments.

Several people have put forth the possibility that I use web cams, spies or that those participating in the show are working for me. 

The above assumptions are incorrect. Callers and listeners are helping but only by way of following my instructions to the best of their own abilities. Are they part of a set up? Definitely not. They are participants just as are you.

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