Blind Quest Rehearsal Pictures from Savannah, GA.
Because this was only a rehearsal I was dressed informally so as to attract as little attention as possible. I also did not wear the dry wall hanger's stilts.

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To the right is me taking a break after the run in with the tour bus. It put me in a slightly pensive mood. If anyone would like larger higher resolution copies of any of these pictures let me know and I will post them on a separate page for down load.

The first picture is of me approaching an intersection across from the Savannah City Park. That's me standing by the stone wall. I had walked up the street from the left and was preparing to cross. I would turn shortly and walk toward the camera.

wpeAC.jpg (17267 bytes)Unfortunately I forgot that it was a two way street and was almost taken out by a tour bus. 

As I stepped onto the curb the bus whizzed by. My hand was lightly brushed by it and  I was uninjured but slightly shaken as anyone would be.

Above I am starting my second circuit of the park. Walking with your hands out in this manner tends to keep others at a distance.

To the left is a picture taken by Christine prior to the rehearsal. I am affixing duct tape to the interior of the mask.

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