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"Slim King, is the formost authority on Houdinis life after death".
He has proof that Houdini came Back"!!

Jim Callahan, Director of the Internatioanl Seance Project

Professor Slim King, often identified as "The Man the Skeptics Refused to Test for One Million Dollars" has written a compilation of books utilizing the help of authors who's spirits that have long passed over the Veil.... called "Ghost Writers in the Sky". The book covers Tarot, Pendulums, Numerology, Palmistry, including Dreams and Omens . As a Paranormal researcher for the majority of his life, his main interested has been the return of Harry Houdini's Spirit on January 8th 1929, earning him the title of "The Worlds Foremost Authority on Houdini's Life After Death". Slim has designed Mental Illusions for dozens of professional magician including David Copperfield, and is the proud recipient of both the Merlin and Houdini awards in Radio Magic.



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  Magician Harry Houdini, took part in a cover up that has been supported and progressed by magicians, skeptics and atheists for years.

  Why is it no one knows that Houdini after his death sent an apology to Margery, the Medium that he conspired to defame.

  Probably for the same reason you did not know that he made contact with his wife after he supposedly died on 10/31/1926

  This Information has been hidden from the public for years by magicians, skeptics, atheist and the media.

  Get ready and hold on tight because Paranormalist & Master Magician,
Jim Callahan and Dave Koenig, The Man Skeptics Refused to test for $1,000,000.00 are locked in loaded and have the frauds of the Supernatural,
Paranormal, Skeptic and scientific world in their sights.

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