The short answer is that I Create Reality. 

Unlike what magicians create (tricks & illusions) what I present is based upon experiences that most people have knowledge of. Anomalous occurrences  not yet explained by modern science and known to all cultures for centuries.  

Over the years I have researched and worked as an investigator of hauntings, psychic phenomena and alien abduction- in short the kind of things you might see in the Twilight Zone and X-Files.  Using the information gathered over the years and combing it with my own research in Group Organism Dynamics, Personality Profiling, Hypnotism and Natural Science I have found ways to reproduce these phenomena and experiences as entertainment.  Most of my contemporaries recognize this as a new and very exiting type of entertainment.  

I create what could be called paranormal events in an entertainment venue.

The  Déjà vu Experiment  is based upon several of my own experiences.  You may watch a documentary video of the first performance of this presentation here.  
(It was posted online by Timmy O'Brien owner of, a theatrical designer for television and film productions as well as a resource for home owners who desire special elements for their home decor).

Note: I am also a Master Magician and because of that I draw a strong distinction between my work as a Paranormalist and a Magician.

I am able to create these presentations by controlling all the variables in an environment and time period to the best of my abilities. 

The new video production
the Paranormalist

is a presentation that will take place not only on the television but in the viewers homes and on the internet at the same time.  It will and is a new type of performance art. Find out more about it here.

What is a Master Magician?

It is a magician who, like myself, can perform and create in virtually any type of performance venue.  As many of you know I work on television but can also perform on radio.  I will and do events in people's homes and also corporate events as well as shows for children.

It is the ability to do this that sets a Master Magician apart. 

When I worked for Busch Gardens it was the essential reason for my being hired.  It was my ability to entertain a diverse and ever changing audience and to do so in a tasteful and professional manner.

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