Returning to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, located in Florida, to create a connection for
the International Séance Project

A Short Explanation

    1976 was the summer I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, Bill and Lil Myers, in the small town of Cassadaga.
Being a boy of thirteen this was a major adventure.

   Looking back after 40 years it amazes me that this place would so influence me as a researcher/artist/exhibitor.
Please note I do not offer the services provided by the residents of this small town.

  You might say I went on alone and searched and found other roads to follow and explore.
I guess when it's all done we may be able to determine if that was a good choice or not.

   After all of these years my journey back to Cassadaga did not go unrewarded.
I found the promised token and brought it back with me.

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