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Will be paid to the first person to join my show as a deceased employee of
Applied Thought Technologies, LLC

The deceased must be able to manifest in a recognizable likeness/visage of him or her self on a consistent basis (what would commonly be referred to as a three dimensional apparition or ghost).  Or be able to manifest a reliable measurable psychokinetic phenomenon.

This person may not be aided in this task by any person other than Paranormalist Jim Callahan.  This means no past family member or friend may be used as a vessel to communicate through. 

Participant must agree to take payment from profits made from DVD sales, broadcast fees and live performances.

Compensation will be made in accordance with AFTRA & SAG rate card.

At the point the aforementioned one million dollars is reached in performance payment and residuals  the deceased employee is free to negotiate further for profit appearances at his or her own discretion and will be under no obligation to continue in the employ of ATT.



has been reached.

All others chosen and are able to participate in my experiments or performances after their deaths will be compensated $25.00 per show.  


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