As things now stand you should have a three or four digit number with one digit in that number circled.

As per your interaction with the Radio Reading System Here

The circled digit being the one your were instinctively drawn to.

 Please write that circled digit on a piece of paper and place it under your keyboard or other safe place.

 (You will keep it there until the experiment is complete)

So that I might get to know a bit about you and be able to link to your current temporal position in time  I need you to send me the digits you decided not to circle.

They may be in any order. 

As you probably know the choices not taken often can tell allot about a person.

Remember just the numbers you decided not to circle.

Note: Please do not tell anyone the number you circled. 

I will do a reading on the numbers you sent  and give  you the finished product for input.
(If it is wrong in any way I need to know before we proceed).

We will then set a time for me to call that is good for you and we will do  the experiment and record it for the show . 

Please email your non-circled digits in any order here

Once again I thank all of you for your assistance with this project.

 Best Wishes, Jim


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