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Jim Callahan's 

Radio Reading System
Will you take your own advice?

This numerology system will take no more than a minute for you to use and was developed to be part of my radio and television experiments.

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To start please choose a four digit number. This number must be important to you in some way. 

For instance the year you were born, the last four digits of your social security number, the last four digits of your phone number or even a number associated with a loved one or significant event in your life.

Write that number down on a piece of paper. That is your primary number or the number with which we will begin. It is important that this number has some meaning to you.

We will now create a secondary number from it by adding the digits together. Many of you may know this is a common practice in numerology. 

For example if your starting number was 1 2 3 4 the addition would look like this 1+2+3+4 = 10.  This is very easy to do as you can see.

Write this new number under the first number you started with and subtract the smaller from the larger number.

Using the example above it would look like this:

  - 10

  (This is the balance number.)

You now have a random number created from your primary and secondary number.  I call this a Balance Reading because you use the difference between the two numbers to generate the reading.

In essence the number you have generated is a balance point between the two numbers.

I want you to now circle any one of the numbers in the balance number.   Do it quickly. Just circle the one that appeals to you at first glance.

Look below and find the reading for the number you selected. As stated above it is up to you as to whether or not you choose to take the advice of the numbers. 

Note: Call in during any one of my radio interviews and I will do a reading for you live on the air if you have completed the steps above and circled you destiny number. Please have your numbers with you when you call so that we might verify the event live.

Meanings of Circled Digits
Note: During the radio demonstrations I use the numbers not circled for a more in-depth reading. In many instances I can perceive the number that was circle as a result of knowing what numbers you chose not to circle.  I have not included the in-depth explanations of excluded numbers and how they can often indicate the circled number choice. 

1 - If you circled a one you are indicating that in the next week or two it would be a good time to focus on yourself and to consider self improvement.  Remember self improvement starts inside and works outward.  Think about those things you would like to do and write them down.  Do not let little distractions hinder your progress during this time.

2 - If you circled a two in your balance number it is a good time to practice cooperative behaviors.  To engage with another person to work towards a common goal.  Or perhaps help another accomplish a task.  It is also a time to ask for help if you need it from a friend, especially if this is something you might not normally do. Consider your interactions with other people and how to improve them. You can experience great satisfaction in learning from others during this time.

3 - A circled three tells us that it is a good time to work on your mind and memory.  Take stock of all of the good things that have happened over the past few weeks and learn from any adversity large or small that may have befallen you.  Take care during this time not to make mistakes you have made before in your personal and public life. 

4 - It is a good time to look at things critically.  Especially if this is not your normal course of action. Make your choices based upon the facts of a situation.  Do not just take someone's word for it. Make sure the things you decide to do are reasonable and rationally thought out over the next couple of weeks.  Probably not the best time to just follow one's heart. Instead follow the truth to be found in the facts.

5 - Now is a time for variety.  Go to new places and see new things.  Try something and learn something new.  You will become enriched from these new experiences.  But caution should be observed in not over extending yourself.  Physically or monetarily at this time. In short have fun but not too much.

6 - If you circled six it indicates a good time to be with friends and family.  To spend quality not quantity time.  It is a good time to also start new friendships.

7 - This is a good time to learn new things.  Make an effort not to be materialistic at this time and to consider  the feelings of others.  Look at interactions from both sides.  You will also find that this is a good time for thought either through meditation or simply spending time quietly alone. 

8 - This is a good time to focus on money and finances.  Make plans for what you want and stick to them. It is a good idea at this time to consider your short range plans and if you do not have any make them at this time.  Also be sure to get plenty of rest over the next few weeks.

9 - This is a good time for re-evaluation and taking stock of your situation. Let go or get rid of things that are no longer of use or have been out grown.  It is not always easy to let things go but it is important to move on to better things in the future. 

It is up to you to decide whether to follow the advice offered by your numbers.

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