009CardReading.jpg (21747 bytes)Using a deck of cards and this site it is easy to find your weekly fortune. Just follow the steps below.

Take the deck of cards and shuffle it well. Then cut it into three piles face down on the table.

Select one pile and turn the top card of that pile face up. This will be you Fortune Card.

Click on your Fortune Card below.

I have received a good deal of positive feedback about this site. One person even went to the trouble of calling me from California to ask how I was able to offer such an accurate interactive reading. She was shocked that it was so dead on And spoke to her current situation. 

Ace of Hearts Ace of Clubs Ace of Spades Ace of Diamonds
Two of Hearts Two of Clubs Two of Spades Two of Diamonds
Three of Hearts Three of Clubs Three of Spades Three of Diamonds
Four of Hearts Four of Clubs Four of Spades Four of Diamonds
Five of Hearts Five of Clubs Five of Spades Five of Diamonds
Six of Hearts Six of Clubs Six of Spades Six of Diamonds
Seven of Hearts Seven of Clubs Seven of Spades Seven of Diamonds
Eight of Hearts Eight of Clubs Eight of Spades Eight of Diamonds
Nine of Hearts Nine of Clubs Nine of Spades Nine of Diamonds
Ten of Hearts Ten of Clubs Ten of Spades Ten of Diamonds
Jack of Hearts Jack of Clubs Jack of Spades Jack of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts Queen of Clubs Queen of Spades Queen of Diamonds
King of Hearts King of Clubs King of Spades King of Diamonds

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