The    Déjà vu    Experiment 

The graphics below are screen captures from the DVD created  from footage of the first public performance of this exhibition.

A theatrical presentation based upon a recurrent dream and guaranteed to the sum of $25,000.00. It has taken me ten years to develop this dream event into a live presentation. It is technically, emotionally and physically demanding. And because of it's personal nature will always be an ongoing project.

The dream that is the basis for this experiment or presentation is unique in that it is linear and constant from one dream to the next and one event to the next. It is recurrent in location. The content of the dream changes. One could say life simply progresses in the dream just as it does here. 

For me it is a type of alternate reality. I remember events happening in the dream world just as they do here.
In the dream I have house but no family. 

I get hungry in the dream. I must walk or take a car to dine out or go to the store for groceries. Also the people in the dream age. Trees and plants grow.

The only tie to this reality in the dream is a little girl that moved in a few doors down maybe five years ago. 

She showed up at my door and told me she had a tape of my show and asked if I would I like to see it.

I sat in my living room in a dream and I watched the tape with her. It had no sound.

 I saw myself on stage with people and I was evidently performing some sort of prediction experiment. But when it arrived to the point in the tape where my predictions would be proven accurate the tape stopped.

I asked her "well, did I correctly predict the targets?" And she said, "if you remember." And then I woke up. 

This happened several times over the following months. She shared different shows on the tapes with me and it was usually the same end to the dream.  When I chose to not ask about the outcome of the performance, I would not immediately  wake up. She would collect her tape from the VCR and say she had to leave. I would be left alone to consider what I had seen. These were performances that I did not recall having performed. It was after starting to work on this puzzle that I would awaken.  While awake I continued  working on it.

started recognizing people at performances that I saw on the tapes. When I would recognize someone I would attempt to duplicate the situation as I had seen before. In some cases things happened just as I had seen unfold in the dream.

I now have started to hear from people who say they have the feeling they remember the experiment though they know they have never seen it. It usually happens after participating in the presentation.

The archive footage is from the first public performance of this experiment (meant originally for my personal analysis).  I decided to turn it into a theatrical documentation. I make the guarantee on the DVD to the audience and extend it to those reading this now. 

Because of it's length I will not post it online but signed and numbered copies are available. More on that  and performance details can be found by following the link below.  

Click the ticket, find out about this amazing theatrical experiment. Find out just what happened and why it was almost not presented. Why is it guaranteed? Down load part of the sound track for free!

Why do people start feeling as though they remember taking part in the performance before it took place? And even stranger, people have started to tell me they remember visiting a town where they remember seeing someone who looks like me,  But they don't know if the memories are real.

The Déjà vu Experiment is not intended to support any religious, scientific or social view. It is presented as an entertainment experience and product and is the exclusive product and property of Applied Thought Technologies &
Jim Callahan. ©2005