This is what I do and I back it up with $25,000.00 
Below you will find the first challenge I offered and beneath that information on other presentations including the Déjà vu Experiment
I am the only paranormal exhibitor in the world to offer such a guarantee. 

  • Only six nails were used (five are left, the one bent was given away as seen in video)

  • All six nails were inspected by the audience. In some cases by several audience members.

  • I actually bent the nail/spike. I used my brain to do so (I do not say mind because like a soul the human mind is more or less indefinable).

  • I did not use a trick nail/spike (and I do not use trick nails/spikes/flatware in other experiments). For example you cannot walk into a magic shop and buy what I do. Most magicians would find the unreliability of the experiment unacceptable.

  • The nails/spikes were purchased at LOWE'S home improvement center.

  • The audience members were not confederates or actors. I do not believe I had met any of them before the experiment. To the best of my knowledge all I know of them is the high school they attend as recorded on the video.

  • I am willing to submit to a polygraph exam to verify these claims with the stipulation that I will not cover the cost of said test, the examiner or my travel expenses. If you want to come to my town and test me I will not charge for my time. 

  • Christine, my wife, shot the footage. She was only given instructions to record the event and she herself had never before seen the experiment.

  • She will also submit to polygraph testing and an interview if challengers to this claim feel it  necessary.

 To view this ground breaking video click here nailbend.wmv.
Due to our current bandwidth restrictions this video clip may not always be available.  It will be reposted in the near future and will be available on DVD.

This record of my  ability is presented to illustrate that it is possible to control the preconceived concepts of reality or as some might say, what is possible or impossible.  We all have the ability to influence not only ourselves but others. And what stops many people from succeeding is the influence of others and their beliefs and preferences. 

This type of demonstration, the nail bending, is not something that I advertise or offer to do as part of my regular performances. The conditions needed to bring it to a successful end are nearly impossible to control. And I have decided it is far easer to wait until conditions may be right than to try and control the mercurial nature of the experiment. It is one of a handful of studies/experiments that I conduct more for my own enjoyment/enlightenment/Information than those who participate in the experiment. 

It is not improbable that I may at some point in the future include a performance such as exhibited on the tape as part of a lecture or seminar. However chances are slim to none that it will ever reach the level of reliability to be performed as part of my stage or platform offerings. 

I chose to use spikes because most people would find them impossible to bend (without the use of possibly a pipe wrench or a hammer). I know there are a few very exceedingly strong individuals that may be able to bend one of these spikes in their hands. But it is beyond my normal abilities  and that of most people I have met.

For eleven cents you can give it a try yourself. Head on down to the local home improvement center or hardware store and buy a couple of spikes. It will give you a deeper understanding of what is recorded on this tape.

You will notice that I appear to be exerting great strain to make the spike bend. This is a type of psychological validation necessary for the audience member.  It is necessary to enable her to allow the phenomena occur. 

In short it gives reason to believe, however brief, that it might be accomplished via brute force. But I would suggest one watch the young lady very carefully and you will notice that she offers no resistance to the implied force. And she exclaims after the force is no longer applied that she can feel it bending. For those of you who study such things you will realize that it is she who produced the phenomena of a paranormal event and that I only controlled the variables necessary to let the phenomena occur.

Déjà vu Experiment.

A theatrical presentation based upon a recurrent dream and guaranteed to the sum of $25,000.00. read more here

Locked in TWILIGHT

A psychological multi media experience. Incorporating audience members and cinematic elements. 

A series of free choices and the thoughts of an audience draw one spectator towards a door only visible in his or her imagination. (And the audience sees the door also in their mind!)

This presentation allows the audience and volunteers to experience what a character in a 'Twilight Zone' episode might experience. As they slowly become aware that they have been on a course toward the unbelievable and that trip started long before they realized it.