It Really Happened NBC PRIME TIME! 
Paranormalist Jim Callahan connected/linked himself on live television to a man that died in 1980. 
And puts up $50,000.00 to prove it is true.
See the YouTube clip here

H   A   L   L   O   W   E   E   N

October 31st Paranormalist Jim Callahan appeared live on NBC TV.  Millions watched as he demonstrated an  innovative  disturbing, and very controversial experiment on the show PHENOMENON. 

Callahan proved his ability to successfully perform a controlled automatic writing experiment/presentation and create a connection between Raymond Hill, who died in 1980, and himself during a live national television broadcast. 

(It should be noted that Callahan exhibited/demonstrated a new type of automatic writing that he had developed just for the situation making the successes of connection almost a 100% surety.) Read about it here

Callahan guaranteed his performance that evening with  $50.000.00. This guarantee was in effect during the show.  However NBC would not allow Callahan to issue his guarantee of his presentation on air. 
This is a confirmed and guaranteed fact.

It is believed  this was done by the shows producers to protect TV magician Criss Angel  who was also part of the production.  Angel attempted to devalue Callahan’s experiment/performance by challenging him to perform another type of test.  He was trying to do what his hero Houdini might do. 

He offered Jim $1,000,000.00 of his own money if he could tell him what was in an envelope.

Angel soon found out that he was not in the same class as Houdini and was not up to the task of dealing with Callahan on live television.

Days before the show Criss Angel, had claimed that if Callahan performed an exhibition as he had planned to do the he 'Criss Angel' would ‘bust’ or expose him on live TV.  He made statements of this type in interviews and a clip of him making the statement can be found on NBC’s site.

Angel, could not make good on his promise.  Instead he attempted to challenge Callahan with an entirely different task after Callahan had just successfully completed the extremely taxing linking automatic writing experiment with Raymond Hill.  Note: Many believed Angel staged his challenge out of jealousy of what he could not explain, create or duplicate. 

*Callahan however did accept Angel’s challenge to divine the contents of two envelopes by notifying the producers of the show but was told they (the producers) could not confirm Angel had the one million dollars in liquid assets to pay Callahan when he successfully completed the test.

Callahan, told  the producers of PHENOMENON the following.
" I'll tell you what confirm he has the million he challenged me with and have it at the next show.  And I will take his test and his money from him.  I have no doubt he will loose his money."

*The producers also would not consent to have the envelopes held and opened by a neutral third party negating the possibility of Angel cheating.  (Magicians can confirm this to be a very real possibility).

And most importantly the footage of the event would not be owned by Callahan and he would not be compensated for the additional/extra demonstration.

To this day Angel has yet to respond to Callahan accepting the challenge and the request for proof  that he can immediately make payment on the dept he will incur when Callahan successfully completes the test.

If you look at it truthfully with a critical educated eye Criss Angel did not expose or ‘bust’ Callahan like he said he would.

Angel said he would and yet could not do it.
And was and is attempting to divert attention from his failure to do so.

If Angel really did expose Callahan why did he not take his $50,000.00 why does he hide from this question and the open challenge Jim made to debate him anytime any were.

Could it be that Criss is in no way up to a real challenge?

In not exposing Jim did he in fact prove he really did what he claimed?

Is that the Dark Truth?


The Facts & Guarantee


Paranormalist Jim Callahan’s demonstration was broadcast live on Halloween October 31, 2007 as part of the NBC show PHENOMENON.

Callahan made a connection between himself and Raymond Hill, a man who passed over to another reality (or died) in 1980, He did this on live television, a confirmed fact.

“To this day no one has proven that Callahan cheated in any way.”

Callahan connected/linked himself on live television to a man that died in 1980.

"Jim has once again proven he might know some things that the rest of us just don’t. 
I know I have no idea how he and Raymond did it.  And I know neither of them will be giving up the information any time soon,” said Dave Koenig/Slim King a mentalist specializing in ESP demonstrations done on the radio and over the phone.  Slim is also one of the hosts of the new International Séance Project.

Callahan guarantees that he was not sure if the message written on the board was correct until it was confirmed when the sealed box was opened to reveal the target surrounded in salt.

Guaranteed is the fact that Raven Simone, the celebrity assistant for the experiment, had a free choice. 
She could have changed her mind.  Callahan further guarantees that Raven in no way passed along any information concerning the identity of the target that she placed in the box.

Also guaranteed is the fact that no one else either working for the production crew, NBC, or a private individual passed any information concerning the object that was secretly placed in the box by Raven Simone. 

The one hundred objects used in the experiment did not belong to Jim Callahan nor did the box used in the experiment .

Callahan never entered the room were the objects were stored after Raven made a selection. Further he was never in the room with the objects & Raven.

He had no access to the objects or the room after she made her choice.

At no time had Callahan touched the box.
(In fact he has never touched it)

The salt used in the experiment to make the ring and also placed in the box was kosher salt and not Callahans.  It like the objects and box were supplied by the production company.

Also guaranteed was his desire to use several hundred objects and the number was scaled back by the production staff.  In fact Jim originally wanted to use one thousand.

Callahan was isolated from the other performers, staff, and crew in a dressing room to meditate and prepare for the demonstration for a half hour prior to the exhibition.

“The Truth is that Criss Angel did not Debunk or Expose Jim Callahan on national television. 
And if you think he did you are in for a real shock.  I don’t even know how he does some of the things he can. The guy can be a bit spooky.”  says Timmy O’Brien, owner of WhateverUnique.Com  Callahan’s Reality Production consultant.

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