To promote
the end of his show 
Across the Bridge
at the East Bay Theater and promote it for private events and fundraisers
Jim Callahan will present Blind Quest 
Friday August 18th in Charleston Sc. 

He will cross the Cooper River Bridge and make his way to the visitors center blind folded and on stilts.

Paranormalist Jim Callahan once again presents Blind Quest the world most dangerous dot com promotion

Blind Quest - Is the navigation to locations in a city while blind folded and on stilts. See promotional clip here

This experiment is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone. We mean exactly what is written above. If you attempt to recreate this experiment you could die.

Applied Thought Technologies LLC and Jim Callahan will not be held responsible for anyone's behavior concerning this exhibit/demonstration.

Here is a clip from when this was presented in Savannah a couple of months back.  Here

In the often asked questions page for this demonstration I had mentioned that I did not drive while blindfolded. I was contacted recently by Kevin O'Brien who is a driver of race cars and he asked if I would like to try using one of his cars on a closed track.

I would assume you know what my answer was. "Ok, but you do realize that I may ruin your car?" Kevin, who thought this was funny, (I could tell by his laugh) said " Well you can't hurt them any worse than I have. 

So in the near future I will be engaging in an extreme paranormal sport you might say. Practice pics will be posted here soon. 

Often asked questions/Blind Quest
Click the eye of the graphic

After four years Blind Quest will once again be presented. And this time it's even more dangerous.

Rehearsal pictures can be seen here CLICK

I will be presenting Blind Quest to promote my new show and services. If you are interested in procuring my services for event entertainment, lectures, or media interviews, you may find more information by 
going here

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